Monday, January 17, 2011

Review two: elder scroll IV: oblivion

I feel as though sense skyrim is coming out i should do an oblivion review, so lets get started. Oblivion is a game were your a prisoner and you wake up in a cell to find that its your lucky day, after talking to a bitchy dark elf the emperor strolls threw and uses a secret exit in your cell so he can protect the amulet of kings from assasins, looks like that dark elf wont be bitching anymore will he...anyways after using the tunnel everyone gets ambushed and your forced to go of on your own fighting rats, skeletons, zombies, and yes evan a goblin shaman or two. after dealing with all that and reading the quick longly worded tool tips you regroup with the emperor and desptie your best efforts he SPOILER......dies.......SPOILER and your forced to take the amulet of kings...ill let you guys figure out what you do next in the game but. after entering the world you have hundreds of options on what you can do i.e. main quest, explore dungeons, join one of the many guilds (ill get into those in a minute), or just go fight guards for hours on end.

I know i should go into depth of the oblivion stat system but there's just so much so here's a link to the wikia page:

The guilds in oblivion come in a wide variety such as, Thieves guild, assassins guild, fighters guild, mages guild, and the arena!!To start in the guilds there are certain things and quests you must do, for instance The Thieves guild, you have to steal and then get caught and then thief against other thieves, assassins you have to kill and get caught then take a dagger called the blade of woe and kill a specific man, arena you just go to the city and sign up, and both fighter and mages guild are in every town and you just have to talk to a member to find out were to join. Each guild has a long quest line of advancements but ultimately if you just stick with it the pay out is godly. ((arena not so much))

In this so far epic game there are hundreds of side quests endless  dungeons and caves to explore not to mention theres dlc for it with more ammounts of epic treasure quests and caves and that is why the dlc the main game and the extremly high re playability rate  that the elder scrolls IV: oblivion gets a 5/5

To start in the guilds

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